Chinese Tea Art Micro-course: Green Tea 绿茶篇


  • The Foundation to Appreciate Tea Ceremony
    • The Original of Green Tea 绿茶的起源
    • The Processing of Green tea 绿茶的工艺
    • What is Fixation 什么是杀青
    • The Major Kinds of Green Tea 四大绿茶工艺解析
    • Tasting&Evaluation of Green Tea 绿茶的审评与品鉴
    • Methods of Green Tea 绿茶的冲泡方式
    • Green Tea Ceremony 绿茶茶艺
    • Medical Functions of Green Tea 绿茶的保健功效
    • Storage of Green Tea 绿茶的储藏
    • Chinese Learning about Green Tea 绿茶的中文学习
    • Downloadable Presentation 可下载的学习资料
    • Green tea suppliers 绿茶的供应商


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