Deluxe Wooden Tea Box 4 Compartment Filled


Compartment Box:

Height = 8.5cm

Width = 15.5cm

Depth = 17cm

What’s Included…

Strawberry & Raspberry

Lemon & Ginger

Jasmine Green


English Breakfast Decaf

Earl Grey

Sleep Superblend

Defence Superblend

Glow Superblend

Matcha Superblend

Detox Superblend

Digest Superblend

Calm Superblend

Focus superblend

Boost Superblend

Heartea Superblend

Vitality Superblend

Immune Support Superblend

Digest Tumeric & Tumeric Superblend

Metabolism Superblend

Unwind Superblend

Inner Peace Superblend

Bioblends Camomile & Linden with a hint of citrus

Bioblends Golden English Breakfast


Twinings Deluxe Compartment Wooden Tea Box filled with 48 mixed individually wrapped teas.

Made from fine dark wood and finished with “Twinings” and solid brass hinges and openings.

Supplied filled with 48 enveloped tea bags worth £12.00


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