Herbalism :: Introduction & Medicine


  • Take charge of your health with herbal medicine. Using herbs and natural holistic medicine is easy, effective and safe.
    22 clases • 2 h 28 m de duración total
  • Holistic Herbalism – A “whole-istic” approach to herbs and their uses
  • You will learn about sacred Earth Festivals
  • You will learn about herbs and astrology
  • You will follow the history of herbal medicine from 70,000 years ago to modern day
  • You will learn about herb consciousness and the emotions of herbs – and yes they really do have emotions
  • You will learn about herbal lore and its relevance to now
  • You will have detailed Holistic Herbal guide to over 30 of the more common herbs.
  • You will learn about sacred geometry and plants, including Phi, the Fibonnaci Sequence and the Golden Ratio – it’s fascinating


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