Tea Cultures Around the World


A course that goes into detail about the histories, myths, and legends surrounding tea cultures around the world.
  • An understanding of the basics of tea – including the six different types with tea, different tea processing methods, and the health benefits associated with different teas
  • The histories, myths, and stories surrounding tea in 30 cultures around the world, and the cultural significance of each one
  • Traditional tea brewing methods in rural and nomadic societies that you can recreate at home
  • The roles of other culturally significant beverages, including beverages that are used for recreational, aphrodisiac, and hallucinogenic purposes
  • Different types of tea ceremonies, from the classic Japanese chadō to the Wu-Wo ceremony to the Gongfu ceremony, to lesser known ceremonies in Morocco, Iran, Mongolia, and Russia, along with many other
  • Cultural idioms surrounding tea, and how to say the word ‘tea’ around the world


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