Twinings White Wooden Tea Box 4 Compartment Filled


Height = 8.5cm

Width = 15.5cm

Depth = 17cm

What’s Included…

Digest Superblend

Sleep Superblend

Matcha Superblend

Digest Ginger & Turmeric Superblend

Sleep Valerian & Orange Blossom Superblend

Moment of Calm Superblend

Metabolism Superblend

Immune Support Superblend

Unwind Superblend

Glow Superblend

Defence Superblend

Vitality Superblend

Focus Superblend

Boost Superblend

Turmeric Superblend

Detox Superblend


Filled with an amazing selection of our Superblends range which are expertly blended with botanicals, natural fruit flavours, added vitamins and minerals that help you to unleash your everyday greatness, whenever you need it.

The box contains 48 mixed individually wrapped teabag envelopes from our Superblends range.

And when you run out of one of your favourite flavours, then you can simply reorder new envelopes from our Pick & Mix range

Contents may vary depending on availability.


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